Our Coffee

We harvest the best beans for your cup in an organic and gentle way.

Our arabica varieties are highly selected to ensure the best quality. Optimal roasting by our barista gives it an ideal toast for the most demanding palates.

Our Natural, Red Honey, Yellow Honey, Black Honey and Washed processes are a range of international award-winning options.

Our beans have won gourmet and bronze medals in the annual competitions of the Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles in France.


Washed coffeeCHIAPAS
Natural coffee CHIAPAS
Yellow Honey coffeeCHIAPAS
Red Honey coffeeCHIAPAS
Black Honey coffee48 horas, CHIAPAS
Black Honey coffee72 horas, CHIAPAS
Washed coffeePUEBLA
Natural coffeePUEBLA
Yellow Honey coffeePUEBLA
Red Honey coffeePUEBLA